Hindu Grass Extrait De Parfum 30 ML By Nasomatto NASOMATTO نسماتو

195.62 USD 169.83 USD

رقم المنتج N3298

Hindu Fat Extrait de Parfum Unisex. The fragrance aims to evoke the feeling of peace and universal love. It is the result of a process of rediscovering the vibrations of the human heat. Peaceful, serene, and calming, Hindu Grasse is a fragrance that meets the green, full of patchouli and a counterparty defined dry herbal. It is a scent absolutely unconventional and disarming, a dry, soothing and is so unusual that we don't think you can compare it to anything in life, the real, or in another scent. The basic philosophy of Hindu Grass is to breathe the belief in universal peace and love. It might seem flowery prose, but when you actually wear Hindu Grass, you know. It was created to be calming, with notes from the earth that will not interfere with the other components. The bottle glass with cap in the wood of iroko. Notes: Grass, Green Notes, Tobacco, Patchouli. Vaporizer Spray 30 ml.

  • 195.62 USD 169.83 USD

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