China White Extrait De Parfum 30 ML By Nasomatto NASOMATTO نسماتو

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رقم المنتج N3297

China White Extrait de Parfum Woman. Year of Production 2008. The nose of this fragrance is Alessandro Gualtieri. The fragrance invites us to discover the intensity of an ordeal as sentimental. And’ the outcome of a research process to convey the strength of fragility. One that never is in silence in the corner behind meek creations of perfume names. Alessandro Gualtieri chose the Moniker of a type of heroine of the 80s as a name for this elixir. China White is without a doubt intoxicating, a sweet and charming mix of soft, powdery floral, a bit of wood and something that you cannot understand... a key element that it intrigues us with its nuances, almost sharp., similar to the skin, which makes China White so compelling. The bottle glass with the ceramic crakle. Notes: Floral, Woody Notes, Rose, Musk And Animal Notes Talc. Vaporizer Spray 30 ml.

  • 195.62 $ 169.83 $

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